A completely new band

A completely new band

No not really... as I've not mentioned The Darkness for a few days, I thought I'd point out that you can listen to their recent Steve Lamacq [(possibly about a mythical wild dog, hmm also there is a popexer who goes by that name), my new favourite Get Your Hands Off My Woman (not sure about the sobbing at the end), and the epic [[Love On The Rocks (No Ice)](http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/onemusic/features/darkness239.shtml Evening Session live thing here]], featuring the tracks Black Shuck).

It sounds ace, not as good as it did on the night, but that could be because I'm streaming it over a 56k modem...

The band sound clearer than they do live, but with all the usual balls of iron. I am guessing the session was recorded live, which makes it sound a bit crunchier than the single (which you can still get from the website...

No more Darkness stories all weekend, I promise.

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Sat Oct 05 2002

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