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Why did I go there, when I knew you'd make things hard for me?

Went to see Morrissey last night, bit disappointing really. It was not The Smiths(though we got Meat is murder and "There's a light that never goes out"), you can never go back.

Don't know why I was so mopey, it's all stupid things that I felt weren't as good as they could be... main one is that Moz looked like someone's chunky uncle, he looked like a fighter, rather than a poet. Also, call that a bar? And it was too far from the tube station. And you used to be able to leave your door open. Mostly I am disappointed in myself - Having never seen Moz perform live before, I've argued many times that Martin Rossiter (of Gene) was his own man and didn't copy his stage persona from anyone in particular. Never again, I was SHOCKED into shame to discover that the NME were telling the truth all along.

The Albert Hall was really "Star" "studded" though, even in the cheap seats where we were. More in Stalking Heads.

He threw his shirt into the crowd, and some velociraptors got it by the looks of things.

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