PopEx ≫ 2002 ≫ Goodnight Ladies and Gentlemen

We still HEART The Datsuns.

The Datsuns owned Camden Underworld, not for the first time, and hopefully not for the last... A full set, of surely every track they know, in front of a packed audience. Not all industry either, fans old and new nice...

If you've not seen / heard them, do so at your earliest convenience... Get In Love this Monday, The Album in October, or if you're quick a cheeky little EP featuring "Sittin Pretty" and "The Terrible Power" only by catching them on one of the following dates:

Oh, and they played a cover of Cheap Trick's Goodnight. That's where that subject line is from. When will it become socially acceptable to sing along in public to Bon Jovi like that? Uh, my friend wants to know.

💬 The Datsuns

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