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I Believe In A Thing Called Love, out today...

England's premier rock combo The Darkness release their debut single "I Belive In A Thing Called Love" today, and they're supporting it by touring the UK like this:Thee Acid Ranch, Notting Hill, That London (Wed 14 Aug)On The Rocks, Shoreditch, That London (Thu 15 Aug) Barfly Cardiff (Sat 17 Aug) Cambridge Boat Race (Thu 22 Aug) Newcastle Head of Steam (Wed 28 Aug) Oxford Bullingdon Arms (Sat 31 Aug) Hopefully the single is in all good shops, if not, complain to mustdestroymusic.com1 and thedarknessrock.co.uk2HEY, I don't only like The Darkness btw... The Datsuns are on tour too, see here.

💬 The Darkness

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