Fair Play Trophy (once again)

Fair Play Trophy (once again)

This one's dedicated to all the Man U fans out there...

Champion of the free interweb, MJ Hibbett and the Validators have released a web-single "Fair Play Trophy" for the world cup,

[listen to it here](http://www.mjhibbett.com/fairplay/) for free, and also feel free to pass it on.

You might have heard the song live, let's hope you'll hear it live again - across the terraces. Last time I saw Hibbett play it live, an ex melody maker journalist threw a glass at him, so he must be doing something right.

It's backed up with a strange cover of "Boom Shake The Room", and you get a free world cup wall chart too to gaze forlornly at as you ponder the truth of the lyrics! There's no need for these freebies, as nothing is for sale, but if you feel the need for more see

mjhibbett.com or the artists against success site for more MP3s and things and stuff... The Spectrum-TASTIC Hey Hey 16K is recommended, but the very best material will need some deeper digging...

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Wed May 01 2002

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