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Howarth that is...

1 Adam Howarth that is, he's singer / guitarist with Captain Soul, do you know him?

Us Captain Soul lot are previewing material from our new album currently being recorded with Ian Grimble (Travis, Manics) on THU 23 MAY at Metro (Blow Up) opposite the Megastore on Oxford Street.

The gig, which also celebrates the re-release of T-Shirt 69 (currently playing on MTV UK), will take place just before Mr McGee takes to the decks for Death Disco. On stage at 9pm.

Incorporating the keyboard talents of Grand Drive's Julian Wilson, the music has headed off in a more countrified direction (Parsons, Clark, Nilsson) with the same harmonies and loud guitars.

If you wanna know why we're one of the few to avoid the Poptones chop, then come down and listen to the sound of the summer...

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