Ooh, old review

Ooh, old review

Just found something I wrote a few weeks ago:

I saw Love Hate last night, used to love them when I were a youth, and they were still very good. The singer hasn't aged at all, he must be a vampire, either that or he lives a healthy lifestyle and not all the drink and drugs he kept singing about and espousing during the gig. The rest of the band have got YOUNGER, they're younger than me!

Ah, I see what he's done, it's not the original band, just the singer.

They supported Gilby Clarke at the Underworld. Who? Yes, that famous session musician who stepped in to play live after Izzy Stradlin left, and who I don't think played on any of their proper albums. I bet he did a set of all "famous songs G'n'r once covered", we didn't stay to watch him, but I did hear Knocking on Heaven's Door from the bar...

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Fri Apr 19 2002

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