PopEx ≫ 2002 ≫ Night of a million billion gigs

Datsuns and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in one night...

Saw the Yeah YEah Yeahs last night, at the Barfly, and it was absolutely ace. And not just becuase the singer's top fell down and I saw a boobie and also I was stood behind Justine Frischmann out of Elastica and that.

The YYY's weren't what I was expecting, they sounded mostly like this single I heard once. But I can't remember what it was called or who it's by. Can anyone help? Anyway, they rocked.

The gig was rammed, a lot of industry, good to see them all queued up. Also there were lots of youths down the front. Nearly missed any chance of finding this out as it was SO rammed, but I "ambulance chased" my way to the front - slipstreaming someone who was surly and aggressive enough to get through the crowd, nice.

Also saw the Datsuns last night, at the Underworld, and it was even more ace. Slightly better than Tuesday's gig, as it was a more receptive / less cool crowd, but it was still also industry-TASTIC. I didn't actually see any evidence, but I'm prepared to completely make up that record labels were throwing blank cheques at the stage.

Yet again the Datsuns were WAYC/DC and all that, there was a walk about in the crowd, on stage shirt removage and soloing at the feet of young ladies in the crowd. If there was a supergroup of Angus Young, Iggy Pop, Jim Morrison and David Lee Roth, they could not be this good. Well, they wouldn't have a drummer for a start.

No actual celebrities in attendance, just the entire press population of London.

It was truly an GRATE night of gigging.

💬 The Datsuns

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