Campaign to knock Gareth from the number one slot

Campaign to knock Gareth from the number one slot

<img align=left border=0src="" width=130 height=130> Skint records have launched a campaign to knock Gareth Gates from the number one spot... their "X-Press2" single "Lazy" (the Talking Heads one), is out this week, and to be honest, they'd like to be number one.

It seems to be a two horse race, Unchained Melody or Lazy for the top,

"Let's put a proper song and club anthemn at the top of the charts amount of money in our pockets!" they possibly meant to say.

Click here for the full force of Skint encouraging you to buy the single, and then click here to buy it... Their album Muzikium is up for grabs too... Cheers...

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Wed Apr 10 2002

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