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Day By Day

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Is it me or does everything sound like Nirvana at the moment? Probably it is me. Anyway, Serafin release Day By Day next Monday, it's a limited edition featuring some live video footage from a gig in Brixton, plus four regular tracks.

It doesn't just sound like Nirvana though, I am just swinging a big wet brush round my head, spattering everything near me with it. They also sound like a really intense Placebo, just staying the right side of the line marked "really filthy".

If you want something that definitely doesn't sound like Nirvana have a go on Theory of Everything's "Failure of Arithmetic", it sounds like Pink Floyd, and also a bit of Radiohead (mostly because Radiohead also sound like Pink Floyd). Lots of production, it's not as edgy or exciting as it could be though. See their website to download some for yourself...

Also today I am rocking a bit (not as much, but in a sleazier style) to The Candys and also raging against the machinations of Kennedy Soundtrack, both of which are too new for me to be able to foist an amazon link on you... Gah... You can get their "Wrong" EP here though...

Thanks. You've been great.

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Mon Apr 08 2002

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