Blog ≫ 2002 ≫ Anyone want to buy a smoke machine?

If anyone asks you this question, drop me a line, I got this missive from the smashing folks at Silver Rocket - they've been ROBBED!

Our lovely smoke machine disappeared off the stage upstairs at the garage on Friday night during Silver Rocket. Andy used it last at about 10 past 2 and when he went to unplug it at 2.30 it was gone. Whoever took it left behind the lead with the switch on it so will NOT be able to use it.

The smoke machine was a wedding present from one of our best friends (and therefore also possibly the most rock'n'roll wedding present ever received by anybody) so it is not just a question of going out and buying a new one, and obviously we are quite upset. PLEASE if you know who might have taken it ask them to return it to the Garage, if necessary they can pretend they were in one of the bands and accidentally picked it up, we are only interested in its safe return not getting anybody into trouble.

Remember, it CANNOT be used without the lead so this was an entirely pointless theft.

Team Silver Rocket are DJing at John Kennedy's night tomorrow (or is that today? Tuesday anyway) at the Barfly, also there are live performances from the Bellrays, Millionaire and 90 Day Men.

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Mon Apr 08 2002

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