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Another review from another winner...

Here's a review submitted by one of the winners of our A competition:

thanx for the tix to see A man, the gig was gud, and i remeber saying u

wanted me to tell you how it was, so here goes......

VD: lostprophets but worse, and the singers voice aint too gud, i didnt like

them. ill just leave them there.

Rival Schools: well walter is sooo cool, we managed to meet him and he is

just such a dude. anyway... rival schools were really good live. i really

didnt think they should be supporting A. the crowd got into them straight

away, jumping around but maybe jumping around too much to slower songs like

"undercovers on". they ended on "used for glue" and left me, and most of the

crowd wanting more.

A: well, the new album is better than wot they have done before, and the

played bout 5 songs off it, as well as old favourites off A vs MoKo and

HAAB, like "old folks" and "monkey kong" the crowd just loved them, and went

wild to all of the songs, was gud to see most of the crowd singing along and

doing the "nah nah's" in Lake tahoe.

All in all a good gig, everyone should go and see A!

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