Athlete and Minuteman Friday Night

Athlete and Minuteman Friday Night

Have you been to a pub called "The Bear" on Deptford High Street? No, me either, that's because there's not a pub called that, it's some kind of Christian Youth Centre, with no booze license. Funny those details were omitted from the advance publicity for the gig... Still...

Minuteman were fantastic. Two of them played a short semi-acoustic set , perched on stools in the style of Extreme doing "More Than Words" for MTV or something. They're not all that minute either, they are fully grown, and are not to be missed next time around*...

Athlete were also very nice. The sound was painfully mad in that venue, so we had to go and stand by the bar. Honest. Oh yeah, they had a "raffle" for beer, so we got round the licensing thing.

*Minuteman are touring now, rumours are Athlete will support acoustic stylee on at least one of these dates:

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