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Sounds good actually...

I was wondering if you could give the band I look after APES a plug on the site? They play THE WATER RATS this Thursday (28th) supporting DNA Doll. They're on about 8.45pm I think.

They are a Japanese Punk three-piece based in London. This show has plenty of industry types coming down and the APES crew, who seem to come from Northampton (no idea why!). Anyway, it's an extremely engaging enthusiastic live show; quite unlike anything you've seen before. Anyone who saw them play The Monarch last month will bear testament to their on-stage charisma. I have a feeling this is going to be one of those shows we'll all wish we were at in a few years time.

Glen Matlock is a big fan, he came to the last Monarch show.

💬 David Devant and his Spirit Wife

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