PopEx ≫ 2002 ≫ Brits Results

These are probably right...

British Male - Robbie Williams British Female - Dido British Group - Travis Best British Album - Dido Best Pop - Westlife Best British Newcomer - Blue Best British Dance - Basement Jaxx Best International Newcomer - Strokes Best International Male - Shaggy Best International Female - Kylie Mingoue Best International Group - Destiny's Child Best Interntational Album -Destiny's Child Best British Single - S Club 7's "Dont Stop Moving" Best British Video - Robbie Williams' "Supreme"

I must dash back to the ceremony now, Kylie is waiting for me in her dressing r... No. Someone gave these to me. Are they right? Who cares! Got my invite to the NME Awards now... ah no, it's after show only, any suggestions for who's going to be taking home the silverware there?

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