PopEx ≫ 2002 ≫ Brats Tour Reviewette

Coral, BRMC, Lost Prophets, and that other band...

Strange mix of bands for the latest NME "Brats" tour, that's probably the way it should be...

The Coral were very varied in style, like a school project with everyone trying to exert their influence. Really embarrassing Liam Gallagher type posturing from the singer was the low point, and his Roger Daltry stylee freak out was actually worry, but the band were good when they all go in the same direction. Or when they just let the guitarist do a big axe solo.

BRMC were REALLY good. I never saw J&MC, but I was surprised how similar they were to how I'd imagine they would have been, if that makes sense. The band seemed quite pissed off about something... or was that just all part of the act?

Lost Prophets - Take That more like... I was expecting a really heavy band here, they were a rock boyband. Most of the crowd seemed to be there just to see them though, and were very much "getting into it". Bless, all the youths were collected by their parents after this band had finished, and you have to feel sorry for the kids with tickets who were just too tiny to be allowed in.

Andrew WK - Shame, shame, shame. The bass player looked exactly like Danny out of Hearsay, that was the highlight really. Was it all a joke all along?

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