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There's a monster mash up at the Monarch AND the Enterprise, so if you're coming to London, come along - 1 ticket / 2 venues / 4 rooms / 10 quid! Featuring: Classic Guitar Cuts from the 60's to 90's [Beatles, Bowie, Blondie, Blur, etc], Indie Favourites old & new, popular Breakbeat floorfillers, a Trip through 60's Pop, Psych, proper R'n'B, Northern Soul & more and get away from the music in our big downstairs bar area.

With special guest DJ MARK VAN MORRISSON! NO, really it's Mark Morriss of the Bluetones... support comes from Beks (Supermarket), Black Knight (Casino Royale), Chris Midweeker (Sputnik), Geoff (Time Tunnel + Super Elastic), Grant (Fanclub), Herb (Supermarket + Detox), Jeff Automatic (Sputnik) + Sy Clone (Casino Royale + Babybear).

Phone 0870 9070999 for tickets, and give Jeff and Roger a BIG UP from me...

If you fancy something a bit, uh, "different" Click here for the School Disco Sports Day...

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Wed Dec 26 2001

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