Who's The Daddy Now?

Who's The Daddy Now?

"Who's The Daddy Now" have a Christmas single out, "Daddy Christmas" a homage to the genius of Slade, Roy Wood and the Wombles, and a right glamtastic stomper it is too...

Who's the who? WTDN are Jim Bob of Jim's Super Stereo World, Fruitbat of Abdoujaparov and Prof Bootle of the Iinviisiibles... yes, a Carter USM reunion in all but name...

You can only get a copy of this single at their December gigs:

Northampton Roadmender, 12th December Glasgow King Tut's, 13th December London Astoria, 14th December

Yes they do play old Carter songs, and you can choose which ones at the website, http://www.whosthedaddynow.co.uk

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Mon Dec 03 2001

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