Gene DJing this week

Gene DJing this week

Gene's new album "Libertine" is out now, on their own record label "Contra Records"... As part of their promotional duties they're DJing at Sputnik at Camden Monarch, Chalk Farm Road this Friday, 26th of October.

The track listing of Libertine is:

  1. Does He Have A Name?
  2. A Simple Request
  3. Is It Over?
  4. O Lover
  5. Let Me Rest
  6. We'll Get What We Deserve
  7. Walking In Shadows
  8. Yours For The Taking
  9. You
  10. Spy In The Clubs
  11. Somewhere In The World

Gene are ace, you should buy it here - I have.

They're also touring to support this, get the dates here

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