PopEx ≫ 2001 ≫ In The City Unsigned

Five bands, plus DJs, get to the Barfly on Tuesday night...

The Barfly... 9th October... Showcases the cream of In The City Unsigned... 5 bands

Span... Nylon Pylon... Serafin... Sikth... Bendy Toy... Geezers Of Nazareth and DJs.

Span - Norwegian 4-piece rock band less that 2 years old. Spent most of their time touring the fjords and hillsides of their homelands. ITC was their first, and hopefully the first of many, trips to our shores. A blend of very noisy pop and kick-ass low down dirty rock 'n' roll.

Nylon Pylon - Hottest thing in Manchester at the moment is this afro-headed ensemble. They have been tempting the industry big shots from behind their polished oak London desks to go up north and catch the vibe. Spot the chequebook wavers in the crowd!

Serafin - Last year from the ashes of Stoney Sleep (V2/big Cat), came Serafin. Already they've supported and excelled with the likes of Muse and JJ72. Destiny awaits - recognition in their own right is just around the corner.

Sikth - Great name for a great band. Very heavy, very loud - no prisoners taken here! Lauded by the rock press and radio alike and inevitably played to a full house.

Bendy Toy - Tipped by Radio 1 session in Scotland as someone to watch out for on 2001. Bendy Toy has gone live, taking his spring loaded repeats and demented organ out of the box and sitting them firmly centre stage. Highly rated both sides of the border with many evening sessions plays under his belt.

The Barfly, Chalk Farm Road, That London, tomorrow, seeya there...

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