PopEx ≫ 2001 ≫ Weekend of ROCK!

The Darkness AND Uncle Bobs, but not The Darkness AT Uncle Bobs...

Saturday 6th October sees a bit of a fundraiser / mood cheerer for the Uncle Bob's team. After last month's club night, founder Billy Reeves and a friend were involved in an horrific car smash involving "joy" riders being chased by a police car - the thieves are out on bail, and Billy and Jim are in intensive care. Justice eh?

Come to Uncle Bob's Wedding Reception on Saturday, The Water Rats, Kings Cross, That London. 4 quid to get in with a flyer, all proceeds go to getting something nice for Billy and Jim.

As an appetiser, why not nip along to The Darkness gig, at The Verge, 147 Kentish Town Road, Camden NW1. They're onstage at 10pm, so it will be a close thing.

💬 The Darkness

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