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Reading Rocked... Shame about Aaliyah...

I'd say The Cult and Frank Black were the artists that rocked Reading for me, both because of the songs rather than the performance. It's always ACE to hear songs like "Monkey Gone To Heaven", and good as the 'Catholics other material was, I'd guess everyone else watching was twiddling their thumbs waiting for the next alt.classic.

The Cult were more than a bit mad, they seemed more than a bit out of shape when the hit the stage, but they new what their crowd wanted, and opened up with Little Devil, and managed to get a handful of other tracks from Electric and Love in - peppered with some good value mad ranting - and didn't trouble us with too many other newies.

A couple of "newies" that rocked my world were Electralane and Haven, both to be checked out again.

Eminem, schmeminem, we left part way through, which meant unfortunately we missed any duet hijinks that he might have got up to, but Marilyn Manson was good.

We were stalked by some indie celebrities back to our hotel, see Stalking Heads for details.

Also saw Gene, Gorky's, Tommy Cooper Clause, Supergrass, Rancid, more interchangable main stage metal and Teenage Fanclub. Nice.

And that is the end of my review, I can't remember anything else apart from to say "RIP AALIYAH".

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