PopEx ≫ 2001 ≫ Oasis - Sold Out

Bitter fans complain... What do they expect???

Tickets for Oasis gigs at Shepherds Bush Empire predictably sold out within minutes of going onsale at the weekend, but a report on OA515.COM1 claims the ticket allocation was less than fair...

A "raffle ticket" scheme, started in the early hours of the morning should have meant that fans who turned up early enough will have been able to buy tickets, but right away the "dirty tricks started", claims a fan on the site.

"The raffle tickets went round and round... some touts making 4 visits to the box office" and other claims of stinking corruption abound...

Those gigs again, all in October:

Anyone here get tickets?

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This content originally from my popular (in the tail end of the '90s) site popex.com. Some of this contributed by valued punters, so mainly originally created by me. I shifted this content here when popex finally closed down at the start of the '00s. Hopefully this ignites memories (if you find it).