An half arsed review of Sexy Beast

An half arsed review of Sexy Beast

Last night I watched A film, starring Ray Winstone, Ben Kingsley and Ian McShane, and directed by music video director Jonathon Glazier.

Ray Winstone plays Gal (short for Gary, he's not a girl) a gangster who's retired to Spain, but is destined to go back to London to take part in one more (underwater) robbery.

Although it's not a comedy it's very funny in parts - particularly the parts with Ben Kingsley sweartastic outbursts as the mobster who will not take no for an answer. His cussmongous rants are sure to end up as an answerphone message somewhere...

Overall, not as good as I thought it'd be. Ian Mcshane just isn't menacing enough as the crime boss in charge of the heist.

As DVD's go, the extras are interesting (talking heads style interviews with the cast), but you wouldn't watch them again.

Worth watching but get someone else to pay for it...

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Thu Aug 16 2001

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