PopEx ≫ 2001 ≫ Useful as a source of industry mutterings

That's you that is, cheers everyone...

It says here... Big up up to Debbie Barham in yesterday's Evening Standard for giving popEx a mention, and respects also to YOU, the valued punter, for muttering about the industry...

Yet again popbitch.com1 gets most of the column inches (who are they sleeping with?), but other mentions as sources of celebrity gossip - honourable and otherwise - include:

And bizarrely victoriabeckham.mu2... What's the "mu" for anyway? Is it like moooOOOOOOoooo?

If you've spotted anyone famous today, don't forget to report them here: popex.com/stuff/stalkingHeads/

Thanks also to .Net and Kerrang for the mentions, if anyone could send in clippings, that would be GRATE.

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