PopEx ≫ 2001 ≫ Noel Gallagher

North End Road, London

Spotted lounging at 1.20pm on Monday 9th July 2001 on a lamp-post after his car (Silver Merc poss. 200SL model) after car got puncture on front nearside tyre. Noel and driver waited for some twenty minutes before a taxi arrived to pick up Noel and two bags (one a large Adidas holdall, fuelling speculation that Noel was on his way to Heathrow and could have been late for a plane). Interestingly, the car stopped less than 10 yards away from a local tyre repair shop: it took Noel's driver another ten minutes to remove the hardened tyre nuts, but at no stage did we consider helping Noel or his driver by intervening and pointing out the proximity of the tyre shop. After all, when it comes to a punctured tyre, you've got to roll with it...

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