PopEx ≫ 2001 ≫ Mal Treece and Miles Hunt

The Toilets At The Camden Palace, circa 1993

Halfway through a hard evening's shuffling about to the shambling sounds of North Side and The Soup Dragons at Feet First, I decided that it was that time of the evening when I would at last have to relieve myself. So there I am, standing at the urinal, when suddenly it becomes apparent that I am flanked by no less than Malc Treece and Miles Hunt out of The Wonderstuff! With these two stars as my 'wingmen' I found myself unable to concentrate and so I was glad when I could make my escape, but that was not before exchanging a few pleasantries on the way out. 'Will you be playing at Reading this year?' I asked nervously. They looked at each other before responding in unison. 'Yes', they said, before going back to the bar, reminiscing about the greatness of 'Hup', no doubt.


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