PopEx ≫ 2001 ≫ A Car? Really?

Win a car if you're clubbing in London tonight...

Club Sputnik (as hosted by Roger and Jeff, London Clubland's answer to Renee and Renate are apparently giving away a CAR tonight, at their club at the Monarch... "straight up... the winner can drive it away (if they're not drunk and can actually drive!) at the end of the night, if they want...". And they can get someone to bump start it I suspect.

Sputnik is at the Monarch, Chalk Farm Road, Camden, That London, tonight.

If you already have a car, then it's Silver Rocket's First Birthday tonight, upstairs at Highbury Garage, and they have BANDS playing; Econoline and Rebus.

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This content originally from my very popular (in the late '90s) site popex.com. Parts were contributed by other people, so mostly editorial originally written by me. I shifted this content here when popex finally closed down in the early '00s. Hope this brings back memories if you find it.