Blog ≫ 2001 ≫ Gandhi (well, Ben Kingsley)

As I am a bit of a fat knacker, I tend to wear elastic waisted trousers1. One time when I was out for a late night birthday drink with my housemates, with a just a pair of jogging troosers on, commando stylee, I was stood at the bar, with a pint in each hand (long sentence this) and my housemate whipped my trousers down.

I wouldn't normally post this here, but as a bit of icing on this exposure-cake, I noticed I was stood right in front of Gandhi (well, actor Ben Kingsley anyway).

This was about 4 years ago.

  1. This was one is actually me, most of these stalking heads posts are from popex contributors whose names are lost to the mists of time. But this one is really me, as was the Craig Charles one from a few days earlier. This happened in the Fire Station at Waterloo, which was round the corner from where I lived.
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Wed Jul 04 2001

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