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PopEx PLUS FIFTY at Cigarettes and Alcohol...

After all the gripes about popEx's "new" commercial direction, some people seem to be under the impression that it's possible to "buy" front page news with big bribes. I'd like to take this opportunity to STAMP THESE SCURRILOUS LIES OUT.

Tomorrow night (Thursday 31st) Cigarettes And Alcohol plays it's second night at One Four Four. The move was brought about by the sad closure of the Wag Club, it's home for many years. The re-opening night last week was a capacity stormer, playing (as usual) Beatles to Bowie to James Brown to Blur to Fatboy Slim and beyond...

To make sure this week's is much of a heaving throbber, our friends and valued punters, London's answer to Bert and Ernie, Roger and Jeff have given us a PLUS FIFTY on the door... So, the first 50 people who take a long a print out of this page get in free. If you're too late, it's three quid.

The club also features Highrise (a "good dirty night out"), ex of Home nightclub - you can flit between the two...

One Four Four is at 144 Charing Cross Road, opposite the Astoria.

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Wed May 30 2001

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