Coo Shee Coo

Coo Shee Coo

Valued punter Elliot has thrown some free tickets our way for a new London Club "Coo Shee Coo", for tonight.

It's on Manette Street, next to the Borderline, and it's "very small, very exclusive" by all accounts... First four people to mention popEx on the door get in free, anyone else who says the magic word gets in for four quid.

It's rumoured to be connected to Johnny Depp's "Viper Rooms", but having just searched the wibbly wobbly web, I can find no details. If you know more, let me know...

Also tonight, and also in the Cosmopolis, regular punters The Mighty Handful play at Sound in Leicester Square... that's not free though.

Sorry it's only the cockney's who are getting the free stuff right now (there's another freebie coming up tomorrow too), I'll cast my net wider next time...

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Thu May 17 2001

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