PopEx ≫ 2001 ≫ Dum Dums

Outside the M.E.N. Arena

Josh sat with us (about 20 Dum Dums fans) for TWO AND A HALF HOURS on the freezing cold pavement, chatting, signing stuff and letting us listen to new demos on his CD player.

The band were only allowed to play two songs acousticly (Steve learnt the bongos very quickly) as the evil people at the M.E.N. arena had tried to drop them from the set after they'd been delayed on the motorway through no fault of their own. The Dum Dums performed a great (but very short) set ending with Josh climbing up a lighting rig screaming the chorus to "Everything" dragging his guitar and microphone with him.

Josh's battling against the forces of Manchester weather to sit with us more than made up for the shortness of the set and fans who'd travelled 100s of miles (literally) while disappointed, were happy he took the time out to talk to us.


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