Exclusive free gig

Exclusive free gig

And now a word from our sponsors... There should be an ad banner appearing telling you all about the ace John Cusack film "High Fidelity", which has just come out on DVD and Video... There's an EXCLUSIVE one off gig at the Barfly, in celebration of this, featuring Feeder.

Feeder are BIG. The Barfly is SMALL. You do the maths, this is going to be crazy.

It's on the 25th of May, and to find out how to get tickets, check out www.thehighfidelitygig.com

Also, on a corporate paymaster related note, the new issue of The Fly magazine is out already, it's got Elbow on the front. Everyone is raving about their new album, but unfortunately it's HEAVILY DISCOUNTED, so if you buy it from Amazon then PopEx earns less commission than if you bought, for example, High Fidelity on DVD..

I'll leave it up to your conscience.

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Thu May 10 2001

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