Blog ≫ 2001 ≫ Coxon's band play PopEx local

OK, not a band that Graham Coxon is in, but a band signed to his "Transcopic" record label... They're called Mower, and they're doing an "NME On Night" at the Barfly. Coincidentally they've just had an NME single of the week

Anyway, the exciting bit is that after the gig, at about 10, they're moving on up to Lounge Jing, which is occasionally occasioned by PopEx and staff of related companies...

It all happens this Thursday, 10th of May... Mower play more dates in the summer proper:

Saturday 2nd June Camden Barfly (again) Wednesday 30th June Stoke Newington Festival (Skateboard Stage) Thursday 5th July The Astoria, W1 (supporting Gene) Friday 24th August Leeds Festival, New Band Stage Sunday 26th August Reading Festival, New Band Stage

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Wed May 09 2001

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