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Met John Deacon, added Queen...

Bitch Aid (the server appeal party) was a raging success last night, and literally LOADED with celebs. Well sort of. John Deacon was there, so in his honour, popEx now has it's second band starting with "Q"...

The early stages of the event were filmed by someone, and every showbiz type journalist in the world was there... if you've read anything about it in today's papers, post it up here!

The tunes were ace, in an "ironic rock" stylee (as favoured by Uncle Bob's, Radio Four, Club Beer etc), let's hope there's another bash soon...

Apologies to anyone who got a text message off me saying "IJUST MET JOEY DEACON" at about 2am this morning, I was very, very drunk.

💬 Interpol

💬 Bitch Aid

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Thu Apr 19 2001

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