PopEx ≫ 2001 ≫ Bitch Aid Tonight

Were you there?

Tonight The Saint Bar, in Leicester Square will witness the capital's greatest fund-raiser since Live Aid - yes, it's Bitch Aid.

popbitch.com1 needs money for a new server, and a couple of enterprising fans have organised a bit of a beano to raise some cash.

It runs from 8pm until 2am, it's a fiver to get in, and there's a nice drinks promo on: 5 beers for a tenner... Entertainment comes from the DJs (Slackhack, Punk Girl, Bumpy Knuckles and Cagey) and also from observing the other punters present... if the night is anything like the site, everyone will be desperate to give off the impression they're Very Important Indeed.

I will be there, in my popEx t-shirt, baggy Neds Atomic Dustbin shorts, and a big gold top hat - please come up and say hello.

💬 Bitch Aid

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