Free Beer

Free Beer

Last night at the Scala, The Black Crowes ROCKED their album launch party!

The band didn't come on until nearly midnight, and they were ace - any band that can do a thirty minute set including a twenty nine minute guitar solo in is alright by me.

It's reassuring to see a band not significantly change their style (huge bearded detour aside) and stay popular for this amount of time...

And the bar was free, and Noel and Liam were among the big knobs in attendence, and as an added bonus, Liam was wearing his Nan's big white furry coat.

Managed to escape the venue before Noel Gallagher took to the stage too! Bonus!

The Bigger The God at the Barfly were also good, but without the free bar and the attendant celebs.

💬 The Black Crowes

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Tue Apr 10 2001

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