PopEx ≫ 2001 ≫ So what gig YOU at tonight?

The Rub and Toploader are WELL sold out...

So what you doing tonight? I'm at Toploader... HAAAAA! No, I'm going to see The Rub tonight, in Camden, that is Reni out of the Stone Roses and his new band...

If you can't get into that, the FIGHTING COCKS are playing a the Red-Eye (Islington), and The Mighty Handful are playing at Sound in Leicester Square! This is an unsigned band showcase, you can get a flyer from their website1 if you're thinking of heading to the centre of that London tonight.

Also Ash are playing at the ICA, The Blockheads are promising "special guests" (Robbie? Robbie who?) at the LA2, and the Dandy Warhols are next door at the Astoria...

Tonight at the Barfly you've got Regency Buck and Shortwave, followed by Supermarket, that's the club not run by Roger And Jeff.

That would surely be enough for one night in town, yeah? NO! Stiff Little Fingers, Run DMC and Michelle Shocked are also doing gigs.

I need a sit down now.

💬 The Rub

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