PopEx ≫ 2001 ≫ Mark Cousins

A bus stop outside the Edinburgh National Library.

You know, Mark Cousins, that bloke who presents the BBC film stuff and isn't Jonathon Woss. Kind of Ulster/Glasgow accent, quite nerdy, but really knows his film stuff. A big star, anyway. I was walking past and twigged it was him but when he studiously avoided me I knew I should just walk on by. So I did. But I've thought about it almsot every day afterwards. I've seen Ian Rankin quite a lot too actually, but I might leave that for a separate entry, if you don't mind.

Date? Time? Oh, about a week ago and at about 5.30pm. And he was with a girl, and he may have been kissing her once I'd gone past. Seriously.


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