PopEx Sells Out!

PopEx Sells Out!

Hello all... probably no-one's noticed any difference, but officially popEx is under new ownership... it's still me (Pauly, nice to meet you) running the site, but someone else is paying the bills.

Yesterday, http://www.fortunecity.com sold, and Channelfly PLC (channelfly.com) bought. Main difference to us is we'll have the support of Channelfly's group of companies. There's more to it than just free entry for me to all Barfly gigs, honest.

There should be news stories out there about this, press releases were sent out, here's the first one I've found - http://www.netimperative.com/redirect.asp?i=32571 - if you see more, whack 'em up...

Coincidentally, FortuneCity announced yesterday that it was laying off nearly all it's staff in the UK, see The Register's version of events here: theregister.co.uk/content/6/17212.html - they're still going to be handling the advertising though.

In music news, uh, no, it's gone.

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Wed Feb 28 2001

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