PopEx ≫ 2001 ≫ World's Coolest Belgians

Ha yes, it's another London story!

If you're in London tomorrow night, valued punters Roger and Jeff are hosting "The World's Coolest Belgians", Soulwax at their fortnightly "Sputnik" Club...

Soulwax will be DJing at the club, at the Monarch on Chalk Farm Road, immediately they step off the stage of their gig, at the Astoria. So they must have some sort of teleporting device!

Support at the gig comes from the lovely Ladytron, so get to the Astoria early if you're going - Astoria gigs start and finish early at the weekend...

See clubautomatic.co.uk for more details...

Speaking of cool stuff, have you seen this: gadgetmasters.com/acatalog/acatalog_362.html

💬 Cooper Temple Clause

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