PopEx ≫ 2001 ≫ Manson in Hijack Drama!

Mazza takes over XFM for the night...

Marilyn Manson takes over this XFM this Sunday night in their regular "Hijack" slot...

Sunday 18th of Feb, from 8pm, Mr Manson will be playing his own choice of music, including PJ Harvey, Unkle, David Bowie, Outkast and... UH! RADIOHEAD!

If you're not in London, or indeed, if you are, you can hear it on Sky, or on xfm.co.uk

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The content here originally from my very popular (in the tail end of the '90s) website popex.com. Parts were written by valued punters, so mostly editorial originally created by me. I replicated this content here when popex finally closed down in the early '00s. Hopefully this brings back memories (assuming you find it).