Ash for Cash

Ash for Cash

Ash make a welcome return to the "live" arena, by playing a gig at Arthur Baker's Sunday Jam, at the Elbow Rooms, on Sunday the 4th of Feb.

It's in Chapel Market, Islington, and it's open for a respectably late breakfast at 1PM, it's free to get in and there are pool tables...

Hmm, also there are "Special Manchester Guests" next Sunday (28th), at the launch for the "Cohesion" double charity album which has every Manc band ever on it... This is as well as Alpinestars DJing and I Am Kloot playing live... "we're not allowed to say who, but they're on the album" says Arthur1...

  1. I think I remember this being Elbow, which would be a much bigger deal these days.
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Sun Jan 21 2001

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