Devant, live again

Devant, live again

David Devant and his Spirit Wife are playing live again... my neck of the woods this time, Goldsmith's College, in New Cross, South East London...

Got this missive from Vessel:

we are playing at goldsmiths college for sure on feb 2 (friday) union building Dixon Rd london se14

prior to this in the same building we have an exhibition exploring the entity that is DD&HSW.

please send any evidence pertaining to this to The Vessel 36 Gt Russell St London WC1B 3PP

we cannot return stuff but it will form part of the show. The point being that you, our friends, are just as much part of this as us.

So, got anything to contribute?

Incidentally, while the Official Site is gone, all Devant Action can be found here:

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Thu Jan 18 2001

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