PopEx ≫ 2001 ≫ Tower Records BUSTED for / by FILTH!

FILTH! And also CORRUPTING OUR NATIONS YOUTH! You did get my best side there didn't you?

Tower Records in Glasgow were victims of THE MAN this week when they were busted "I think they used the word 'raided'" says a spokesman), for selling Cradle Of Filth T-shirts.

The logo on the shirt - "Jesus is a cnut" - seems to have caused offence, can't see how. In a farcical raid, no less than the Lord Provost appeared, and made the most of the photo opportunity.

In the "Sunday Mail exclusive" he announces that he won't tolerate these shirts being sold in Glasgow and he has written to Tower to inform them...

For the latest developments, stay tuned...

For more t-shirt related japery, check out the popEx t-shirt microsite:

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If you know where you can buy a Cradle of Filth t-shirt online, please submit the link there...

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