PopEx ≫ 2001 ≫ Searches for December

What people (hoo carn't spel) were REALLY looking for...

Here's what people who hit popEx were REALLY looking for in December...

2032: Sugababes

958: Modjo

926: "Sophie Ellis Bextor"

458: Coldplay

324: popEx

311: Enimen

263: Enimem

228: Shivaree

201: "Britney Spears Undressed"

201: Fat Boy Slim

194: "Jessica Simpson Naked"

183: "Janet Jackson Naked"

179: "Bomfunk MCs"

174: "Sugarbabes"

173: "Sugababes pictures"

172: "Mel B Nude"

165: "Robbie Williams Naked"

163: "Insane Clown Possee"

161: "Sugababes pics"

157: "Kerry Katona Nude"

Gotta love those typo's... Enimem? Eminen? Sugarbabes?

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