PopEx ≫ 2000 ≫ Villain of the Year #3

Another result...

Punters - Most of you are FLIPPIN GRATE, but there have been more than a few this year who've done their best (naming no names) to ruin popEx. Cheers...

These results will hopefully be posted on the site every 3 hours, starting on Boxing Day, and taking us to New Years Eve, while I'm off with my feet up. When it's all finished we should see the top ten Artists, Heroes and Villians of this year, and the top ten picks (in reverse order) for next year... Have a good new year!

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Sat Dec 30 2000

This content originally from my popular (in the tail end of the nineties) website popex.com. Parts were written by other people, but mainly originally created by me. I moved the content here here when the website finally closed down at the start of the 2000s. Hopefully this ignites memories assuming you read this.