PopEx ≫ 2000 ≫ Hero of the Year #8

Another result...

Melody Maker Staff - OK, so the Maker has been "on the way out" for ages, but they still deserve a mention for having the carpet pulled out from under them in the week before Christmas. When I heard I was looking forward to the final issue, expecting all sorts of hijinks, but NO! Clearly when it went to press, they'd still not been told. All we get is an A5 insert saying "We'd like to thank all of our loyal readers for their years of support. You've been great. Stay beautiful." Barf.

These results will hopefully be posted on the site every 3 hours, starting on Boxing Day, and taking us to New Years Eve, while I'm off with my feet up. When it's all finished we should see the top ten Artists, Heroes and Villians of this year, and the top ten picks (in reverse order) for next year... Have a good new year!

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