Fly Christmas

Fly Christmas

I heard a theory that if all the money in the world was distributed equally, we'd all be loaded, but within a year natural forces would ensure that a one third of the people would have somehow conned another third of the people out of theirs.

Went to the Channelfly Christmas party at the Monarch yesterday, and that theory was played out with the free drinks. There were vouchers galore, each one worth a different drink, a bottle of Cobra, a Guinness, a dodgy alcopop etc, but by the time I arrived a small number of people were loaded with alcohol and vouchers and others were not.

So, the only way to get loaded was via furtive Pokemon style trades in the lavatories. I was winning, but then overplayed my hand and ended up losing twelve alcopops for only one glass of wine. Luckily there were people even more pissed, to trick out of their vouchers.

Didn't see any real celebs, only the usual suspects who are at all Monarch bashes, Jeff and Roger, The Crocketts and My Vitriol.

A GRATE time was had by all. Until the police came at 1am and made everyone leave, apparently someone was glassed.

Merry Christmas, I really love you, have you got any more vouchers..?

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