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An NEW FEATURE on popEx this week...

An NEW FEATURE on popEx, as of this week; The Daily Mail. Simply, get an email sent to you each morning, like your divi mail, but you don't actually get divis. And it gives tips. And it's got the last 24 hours news, and what messages you might have missed on your chums boards. So not like the divi mail at all...

So what's the point of it? It seem some valued punters are having trouble getting onto popEx in the day, but want to know how they're doing; "What am I worth?" they say to me. "How have my shares risen and fallen overnight?" they continue... STOP EMAILING ME, I will loving prepare a daily personalised email, that you can sign up to if you want.

Log in, hit the "my profile" button, and say "YEAH" to the "daily email" question...

Other news this week: tax / short terming penalty is down to only two days this week, because of the mess up at the weekend. Don't mention it.

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Mon Dec 11 2000

This content originally from my very popular (in the late '90s) website Parts were contributed by other people, but mainly originally created by me. I moved this content here when popex finally shut down in the early '00s. Hope this brings back memories (if you read this).